Slowly building up merch

Recently ive been seeing my artist friends making their own shirts, stickers, popsockets etc & even selling some in cons. Lucky there's a bunch of services that does these in Tokopedia & Bukalapak. In this era of customization, why not print your own designs on everyday stuff you use?

Here's one of my earlier designs but just got printed way later.
This one's from my friend's friend's printing service, 4ND. Believe it or not, the sticker glows in the dark, though not as strong.
Original design:

Up next is this one, based on a quote by Shooteraskota

Earlier I contacted someone off of Tokopedia to print this exact design but they didn't do a good job.

So it's up to 4ND printshop to fix everything... well not fix, technically, they just made me a new one.

Oh I almost forgot, last year, thanks to BMS Graphics, I got this. It was my first time printing a custom design T-shirt that time, out of a friend's recommendation cuz he got his recently as well…

#DrawThsInYourStyle part 2 + Under Strawberry Vanilla Skies revamp

Under Strawberry Vanilla Skies (originally posted in my revamp blog)

2010-2011 were the years where I'm all about tasting songs and seeing their colors, blame my buddy Reisha and binge-listening to Owl City. The title suggested that it's inspired from his songs but part of me thinks that I just felt like drawing bright red hair because of I was pretty proud being on Soup while everyone else was on Tumblr that time.

Revamp in 2019:

Original artwork in 2011:

It kinda looks like the girl grew up too since the last time I drew her. Like, she's still a teenager in the original piece & in the revamp she's a full fledged woman. Is it because of the eyes? It's the eyes, isn't it?

The idea for this revamp's also inspired/based/taken from Anouki_Morgenstern's piece

Draw This In Your Style pt2

Artrade with Onehourlate [OG] [Her trade half] [based on my characters]

Onehourlate's OC (she held a contest this one, though I didnt win)

Inktober 2018

This year I tried doing a themed Inktober, like using one of the prompts on IG. I kinda don't wanna use the default one, or the witchy one, so I made up my own which is a prompt based on my playlist. Well just the recent songs I listened to.

For when your inferiority complex kicks in

This year, I've started to take steps to become less bitter towards more successful & "lucky" friends & start congratulating them instead of begrudging them, which my friends have told me to like AGES ago, cuz I'm one bitter dingus. Though I haven't changed my mindset completely but maybe these tiny reminders might be a little help for when we all have those moments.

Collecting Alternatives

[originally posted on my personal blog]

Back in April I decided to use the unused company Instagram account I managed back in Brunei, cuz I assumed the company's dead, cuz the other admins never touched it. Started posting artworks there, met new people, yada yada.
Tbh I was surprised, some people I knew through Instagram thought I was obsessed with online bike cab services (ojol) like, always comparing Gojek, Grab & Uber (RIP) and later Anterin & GlaD, to the point of making comics about them.

I thought... "that wasn't me at all, I thought i've always been known for my bands & cartoons fan comics". During the first years of "internet recognition" i was known for my fanart & fancomics of emo & alternative rock bands (if you know me from deviantart or high school). I thought the impression would last but turns out in the later years, nobody still knew who i was.

Just another My Chem pic, 2008

farewell, 2013
In a second I realized this…