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Cheesecake + Cakue Instagram Ads

It's mid-November coming early December, and I thought it would be a good time for me to finish the lyric video for my Roast Yourself rap song, or finish the Seven Sin Cakes themesong, but somehow I lost the mood to do music-related things for some reason and I kinda hate that. I've also been doing Timestamps comics (more of the in-story ones than the miscellaneous ones), and at the same time, two of my friends had a food business, one selling flavored cakue & the other selling japanese cotton cheesecakes & cupcakes, so I might as well design Instagram ads for them. In payment of them taking me to places & probably feeding me with their stuff with a discount price.   Here are their instagram acounts [ ZhiYongCakes ] [ CakoiViral5754 ] Oh and if anyone's living in Brunei, do check them out and maybe place an order & try their food out, maybe.