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Band photo 2015

When you miss your close friends' presence a lot and another friend you know actually gets to perform in a band, amplifying your envy vibes, that's when you know you'll gonna have to "arrange" a "photoshoot" for your "band" of friends. Don't know why but I was in a mood to draw a haunted mansion kind of photoshoot, with everyone in classy suits and the walls propped with eerie paintings, complete with eerie lighting (which I still need more practice). In my head were scenes from Breaking Benjamin's "Diary of Jane" music video, and similar scenes from similar music videos though I was actually listening to Melanie Martinez songs :P Also I unintentionally made the girls wear white shoes & the guys wear grey/brown shoes. Here's another version with the adjusted lighting, making everything more visible. and the lineart:

Fart Balloon

I'm ashamed to say that I got this idea during Tarawih and I had to fart badly that time. So many rakaats like if the prayer ends anyone would just rip out the biggest fart ever, enough to power a self-sized hot air balloon. Hot FART balloon. Also wanted to give this picture a Pajama Forest feel with the sky, cuz honestly I still miss that webcomic badly. Its hilarity and the fantasy-themed wallpapers that makes me feel like I actually could dive in the scenery accompanied with Owl City songs. Here's the close-up version if anyone feels the amount of sky is unnecessary. In case anyone is unsure, yes, 'kentut' means 'fart'.