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the I Have No Idea What I'm Doing song (04/2017)

Exactly a year ago (well, maybe two weeks later) after I got accepted to work where I work now, an office friend and I recorded an improv song for fun, and for practice. The recording's kinda messy with the bad quality & me going slightly off-key sometimes from trying not to laugh, or hesitation from thinking of words. Originally this was called the Drunk Song but none of us were really drunk, just tired from all the work we did which kinda creates the high. And also the lyrics were just pretty much rambling about why we couldn't find lyrics. So meta. Went along with the red & green theme foreshadowing the "pears and strawberries" part, but added a third color occasionally for the brainstorm part. The two color schemes started out separately but they all blend in together after the drunk part. Song is in English, ramblings are in Indonesian, captions are in both languages.

Follow and Feel (cover)

Follow And Feel's always been one of my fav Saosin songs besides Voices & Seven Years, I used to binge-listen to them since college, and after performing covers of Saosin songs a couple of times in the office last year, I thought I'd make a decent audible one to add to the portfolio. The music: One time I sang Follow and Feel to Havana by Camila Cabello, and later, thought of making a similar-sounding music to it when planning this Saosin cover but it still sounds generic-pop-ish, like not even remotely similar to how Havana sounds. Feels odd covering a rock song into... well, this, just cuz Garageband doesn't have enough rock stuff T~T The artwork: Initially I thought of a lady wearing a cloak spying on someone beheading a third character, supposedly a king, based vaguely on the song lyrics. But I kinda got confused and felt like drawing other things, and ended up with snakes spying on a bunny with its eyes on the biggest apple on the tree. Very children'