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Seattle + Seapple + Snowattle

One time I thought up of alternate versions of one of my OCs, Seattle. I was initially thinking of a red version to contrast her bluegreen signature color, and then I thought of apples. And the name Seapple, which sounds cute. And thus Seapple was born. And later, I decided to make another one, as if two isn't enough :P Figured she'd be blue in color, with a winter theme, named Snowattle. I just had to doodlebomb these three together.

Comic: Let's Never Part Again

This is an old comic... well not so old, since I started drawing the lineart in 2009. It was during university days and I got so busy with all the assignments that I had no time to color them (despite already colored the first page). Recently I came across it again and finally made myself color the rest of the pages. and fix the lineart a little. The sad storyline could be inspired by waiting at the bus stop at a rainy day and maybe that time I was living in a little piece of hell and had to unleash the sadness in pieces of paper. Characters (c) Myoo89 .