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#DrawThsInYourStyle part 2 + Under Strawberry Vanilla Skies revamp

Under Strawberry Vanilla Skies (originally posted in my revamp blog)

2010-2011 were the years where I'm all about tasting songs and seeing their colors, blame my buddy Reisha and binge-listening to Owl City. The title suggested that it's inspired from his songs but part of me thinks that I just felt like drawing bright red hair because of I was pretty proud being on Soup while everyone else was on Tumblr that time.

Revamp in 2019:

Original artwork in 2011:

It kinda looks like the girl grew up too since the last time I drew her. Like, she's still a teenager in the original piece & in the revamp she's a full fledged woman. Is it because of the eyes? It's the eyes, isn't it?

The idea for this revamp's also inspired/based/taken from Anouki_Morgenstern's piece

Draw This In Your Style pt2

Artrade with Onehourlate [OG] [Her trade half] [based on my characters]

Onehourlate's OC (she held a contest this one, though I didnt win)