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Initial sketches in the new sketchbook

Last year I got a new sketchbook cuz my old one was running out of paper due to Inktober. During my trip to China I decided to bring it along for whenever I got inspired & had to sketch something. Turns out I was inspired, but didn't feel like drawing anything and for 9 days, these were the only thing I drew. [ X ] I feel pathetic. Only recently after being back in Brunei I started drawing on it again & so far came up with just two. Here's where the idea came from . They're Adam's Apples, a parody of Charlie's Angels. Was kinda high when we chat & Tina craved some apple slushy from 7Eleven. [ Soup | Tumblr | Molome ] The idea came from how I really want to be in a band but my talents fall in the artistic industry rather than in music. [ Soup | Tumblr  | Molome ]