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Palette Change

Once again, a comic featuring my friends (even more of them this time) and another reason to waste my color pencils and some blue ink (which I managed, cuz I had to buy another blue ink cartridge for my pen halfway while doing this comic). I wanted to do a different story & concept this time, and seeing that my previous comics this year have certain color schemes with minimalized color palette, I wanted to fit several color schemes into one comic, and since that requires changes, the running gag would be the characters noticing the color change and constantly breaking the fourth wall, realizing that they're inside a comic. The inspiration that triggered this was Cookie Cat ice cream sandwich from Steven Universe [Episode 1: Gem Glow] buuuut the story for my comic turned out totally different instead. Plus I love ice-cream sandwiches and mint candies… also apples.

Pants - normal speed vs rush

A little something since I've been busy looking for jobs and this other freelance comic I'm working on. As expected I got the idea when I was putting on my jeans. Pretty sure everyone feels the same way... if not, it depends on what kind of pants you're wearing, but this rule applies especially if you're putting on skinny jeans. Started out as a sketch posted on Facebook .

Neon Pants Twinsies

'tis  myoo89  and I, and we totally have those clothes in real life. I remember she was shopping with her family and bought bright-colored pants. A few months later I went shopping with the family and my grandma bought me bright-colored pants as well. Idk usually I dont wear those kind of things (I’ve always been a fan of dark pants) but meh. And the shirt is also my grandma’s old shirt, worn by my sister a lot but she keeps wanting me to wear it. We’re just a bunch of dorks trying to fit in. Soup | Tumblr I didn't put it in deviantART I don't know why. Maybe I haven't gotten a good title