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Back in Desaria before I prepared to move out, I found this old envelope once used by my friend cuz she was helping me gather questionnaires for my research methodology assignment. As usual, I'm too lazy to throw this now-unused brown envelope away cuz I still believe it can be recycled into some artsy stuff. Then I got bored & while still holding a sharpie on my hand I doodled this.

Don't know where this is going... at first I thought of doing maze-only-looking doodles but got bored & added some black clouds & splashes & all that crap... then drifted into other things, like stars & tentacles & playing card suits & stairs & bars... and moved on to other combinations of everything I had in mind.

Aftre quite a while it became THIS. (The scanner sort of cut the edges tho...

Here's a sort-of-better view of the edges (though not that good cuz I was using my phone camera)

"Bloody Nail" Tampon & Pad Ads

One time while still spending the holidays with my family, I got bored and colored one of my nails with my sister's gel pen. Added the blood stream just to make it cool. Took a photo despite knowing the phone camera quality sucks.
And suddenly I thought of a twisted idea of making a tampon/menstrual pad commercial out of them. It just sounds lulzy I just had to make a mockup of those. And finally, THIS happened:

Well not exactly a product commercial mockup, it could be just a campaign mockup.
Ooh here's another one:

Though I don't really know if I should show this to anyone (cuz this can be a sensitive issue to some) but really, everything I made here's just for the lulz.

Everyday I'm Owlin'

Just posting some owl drawings. Just cuz I wanna see & pet & cuddle them so much.

Drew most of these during October (or should I say Owltober?). Yeah most of them are for the Owltober theme but the Owl Forest one & 'A Rocket To The Moon vs Owl City' up there were drawn last year. And experimenting different techniques are always fun.

Notebook + sleepiness = THESE.

High as f**k notebook doodles.

(eheheh the writings here is done by a friend of mine. I was just doodling on the page)

Cuz they always say notebook doodles are often better than actual drawings, and well, ideas suddenly comes flowing in when you're sleepy. So VOILA.

p.s. I've enjoyed doodling on used paper quite a few times too, & they're all right here in my dA, labeled as Recycle Dumps.

Airbrushin' trees

Practicing drawing trees with different kinds of photoshop brushes.

Wasting the unused

I don't know how I ended up with so many traditional art supplies ever since I get to college. All I know is I'll only end up doing mostly digital art anyway. But currently, since I'm graduating & moving away soon, I thought I'd use some of these unused little babies for old time's sake. Just to lessen the baggage space.

It started like this

And then it became like this. Maybe it was because one time I saw someone's handbag in the prayer room & it's black with colorful meduim-sized polkadots of these hues & between. So voila.

Another one. I felt like wasting the yellow & orange watercolor pencils & yellow paint just cuz I hardly ever use them. And then in contrary to the previous one, I felt like sticking bits of different paper materials instead of drawing on it with oil pastels.

The result: PIZZA.

A new start

Alright then. Some of you might know me as Chocoreaper on deviantART, or as Loserificus from, or some internet aliases. Well I just made this blog as yet again another platform/portal to dump & display my artworks. An art blog. Not gonna make too much accounts online
But still.
This is a fresh start.

So... here it is. I'm R2 and this is what I do. I've been a comic artist for a while now & I draw a lot of pictures as shown in my showreel.

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