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Leaves Can't Be Flowers

The moment I head I got a call to contribute some comics to a mobile content service, I had to make a new comic series to fit their adjustments and came up with Leaves Can't Be Flowers. Here they are singing along to Rhett and Link's "My Hair Goes…" (yeah there was a chapter with Blume growing her poofy 'fro out and Folla trying to do the same thing only to have her really really long hair going down. Blume & Folla's character turnaround. Fuego & Mayim character turnaround Soleil & Qomar character turnaround. Yes Soleil is redesigned cuz they said he looks less appealing previously. The current characters as chibis (the last two are Kivi, an androgynous lost kid who likes adventuring and Faba, a musician & performer). I kinda got the body shapes from Pandadog & Friends after watching the animated episodes.


Old idea from an old comic from 2010... decided to animate it now cuz finally I've got no job anymore (it's sad I know) and have plenty of time to do some animation & bring some of my comic ideas to life. The idea here is a very surreal animation with fireflies, leaves & other nature stuff getting in action. Once the title card is shown it'll make the cueless watchers realize that everything suddenly clicks. It's a tampon commercial (and a very WTF one). Also, someone should make this thing for real in the future. Imagine a jelly-like tampon (non edible though) that absorbs blood like a normally-functioning tampon, but will have the texture, feel and smell of jelly. It'll be flexible as hell when plopping in & plopping back out if it's done absorbing blood. Convenient (also perfect for making your friends freak out).