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So Contagious (Cover)

Second cover of the year, another favorite song since college that I've been binge-listening in the office (and one I know how to play on the piano). First off, replicating the instrumental was kinda difficult this time, I had to listen even deeper to get the drum beats right. Which is why I binge-listened. I'm not going all-piano like I did with the Bastille cover. Secondly I'm still not satisfied on how my voice turned out, I still sound audibly exhausted & out of breath here no matter how many times I record. The artwork's done in Procreate, another app with a timelapse feature. It's neater than Sketchbook Pro, I gotta say. I don't know why I drew this to go with the song, I couldn't really find the perfect theme to draw to depict contagiousness or attachment but I've got a thing for eating brains and sucking the life out of it. And the girl turned out kinda like Noodle from Gorillaz too, my friend was the first to point that out.