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LINE sticker: Adventures of the Sin Cakes

Breaking announcement… the Sin Cakes invaded Line sticker shop! If you're using the Naver chat app Line, you can buy the stickers here ! Or if you're broke, just read the Sin Cakes webcomic in Tapastic Stay hungry, stay sinful.

Leaves Can't Be Flowers: Humanized

I wanted to see how these characters look as people. I did plan on drawing them as humans with the hairstyles & attire & all but back then I was busy with finishing unfinished comics. Blume Folla Fuego Mayim Soleil and Qomar. I might add Faba when she comes up to the comic later on, and I'm still confused on how to draw the androgynous Kivi. I'm not sure what their ethnicities are supposed to be but I probably picked them at random based on the language of their names or the shade of their skins in their original forms.

Copycatationery wallpapers

Remember my supposed Copycatationery magazine cover & ident animation ? Well here are some Copycatationery wallpapers cuz I kinda felt like making them now. I'm gonna be posting various versions for each design. Here's the default one, with the splashes & the letters. Here's the one which I'd like to call "Gears & Gummyworms"

Redrawing outfits from my old comics

Although I'm not really into fashion, sometimes I like to draw outfits & dresses occasionally for fun, and seeing that I made some weird, weird outfits back in the early 2000s (in MRMF comics and an older series, Rara & Majiidah comics), they might just be weird enough to actually be made into a runway clothing line. Well some of them are still normal & wearable though but never mind. I know the characters in the comics are tween girls who haven't hit puberty yet (basically 9-11yo kids) but for some reason I wanna see if these clothes would fit teenagers & young adults too so the models are drawn as teens/twenteens. Some outfits have two versions so I'm just gonna draw both versions of a type with the same model. Lol. Totally loving the heart crotch pants & the mermaid dress. The former looks so wrong it's like, what was I thinking when I drew the heart shape on the pants back then? Lol the orange & green fairy ou

Doodling on photos

Yesterday I made my own Cymera account (despite already having the app for over a year) and due to the excitement of a new gallery that needs to be filled, I walked around and took some photos. Wait, wait… previously I had a dream that night about doodling on some photos I took in Photoshop to be posted to Cymera, and so I had to try that out in real life… which turned out not as great as the ones I did in my dream, and it requires more brainstorming effort but hey I'm kinda happy with the results. Done in Photoshop (obviously). They look like they're suitable for notebook covers. [ Cymera link ] [ Cymera link ] [ Cymera link ] I went nuts on the last two.

App Mock-up: if Twitku was an app

As mentioned in my Tumbloup mock-up post it was inspired by the idea of Twitku merging 2 competing social networks in one app. Now I'm starting to think about what if Jaiku's still alive today & what if they develop a smartphone app for Twitku. As of now, Twitku looks like this. Since Jaiku died & Twitter pretty much evolved I think the plugins failed & the site is currently abandoned. Before I proceed may I just give credit to the creator of Twitku, Dougworld (he moved to SeriouslyTrivial now though). I'm kinda too lazy to redesign the login page so it's kinda similar to the Tumbloup one. Maybe I'll think of a few redesigns later. Home screen for both streams. I love the teal color cuz it's sort of a midway between the twitter blue & jaiku green. Posting a new status gives out options to attach photos and locations for both sites, but the emoticon/mood button only works for Jaiku (unless they've got options for W