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G A M E . O V E R .

[Originally posted on my revamp blog]

revamped something from 9 years ago.

I used Procreate cuz of their abundance of textures, cuz back then I drew the earlier pic traditionally just so I can waste gel pens & watercolor pencils. Besides bright red & lime green go well like lime & chili.

I've also redrew a couple of things these past few months [X][X][X] mostly from school doodles back then.

My Rhett and Link gif's featured on Buddy System!

Not a new art post, but a throwback and some news.

Okay so I made that gif 3 years ago, based on one of the endings of GMM where R&L played in the park, & I only took the see-saw scene.

Just recently, this month, someone in deviantART told me that this gif's featured in their Youtube Red show Buddy System, in season 2.

I couldn't be more proud, this was the first time something I made actually got featured in a TV show.
To clarify, a few months before this, one of the post-production crew contacted me via first, then email, asking for my permission to feature the gif on Buddy System cuz Link found it online & he liked it.
tbh i'm not even sure whether i'm allowed to post his email address here. I'm still thankful for him, for reaching out to me and being an overall chill guy, and the crew, too.

a rather uhh... phallic dwelling

Started out as a doodle which I drew on someone's paper that already had scribbles. They already formed a shape & so I drew along the shape, added details & made a house... a rather lewd house if you tilt your head 90°.

& also drawn in Procreate. I'm still practicing on finer details plus highlighting & shading, and i've always loved houses that look like they pop straight outta storybooks.

Photo-painting practice

In my office the graphic designers were given assignments to practice digital painting from a photo reference. The boss is currently nuts over Makoto Shinkai artworks (he's got the art book which he passed around to us) & told us to follow tutorials from McLelun.

Photo reference:

This one took me 2 working days.

iPad pro artdump

From September or so my boss lent me one of his iPad pro (the rarely used one) as a test run. I was introduced to three new Photoshop alternatives; Sketchbook Pro, Sketches by Tayasui, and Procreate.
Here are some of the stuff I made

Leaf Deer - Tayasui Sketches.  dA | Tumblr | Twitter | Soup

Soaking in the tub - Tayasui Sketches.  dA | Tumblr | Twitter | Soup

Three people in my office chillin'. Lineart done in Medibang but colored in Tayasui Sketches.

 This one's done in Procreate. I only posted it in Soup & Kakaostory

Taylor Swift & Kanye West - Sketchbook Pro.

Katy Perry & Taylor Swift - Sketchbook Pro.

Octopus + Owl - Procreate

Here are a few comics too. Some are posted on Tapas & Line Webtoon, some on dA, Tumblr & Soup.

Art dump august 2017

The other day I drew this cuz Kamila once had a dream of getting drunk on rosé wine.

tumblr | soup
Then I did a fanart of the main characters from a previous animation I worked on a few months ago

Also did two drawings for some couple-friends

Cassandra really loved it, & she tweeted it.

And one more light goes out.

Digitalized an earlier sketch with Medibang Paint Pro. Something small to remember Chester Bennington, a fallen childhood hero.
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w h a t e v s q u e e n s

Kamila and I went to this open exhibit thing and found a decorated seat with pink flowers all over 'em.

Tumblr | Twitter | Listen to our podcast

Without Malice, I Am Harmless.

Based on this tweet from last year
Without malice, I am harmless. — ya girl Rara (@Ratryoshka) November 18, 2016

Some new profile pics 2017/07

Got bored of my Facebook profile pic. Decided to sketch a quick one out. Got two versions.

Y'all can vote for which one looks better

I also made a new one for Envy Cake cuz its profile pic's been the same since 4 years ago.

Roast Yourself Challenge lyric video

Welp I'm a year late into making this video since I've already made the song and posted it up on Chirbit & Soundcloud last year.

The challenge spread among famous Youtubers cuz Nigahiga started it and tagged some friends, and they tagged their other friends, yada yada etc. Usually that doesn't bother me much when everyone's doing something, but I was kinda moved to make this just because an online buddy Lorie Way (srsly go check her videos out, she's funny as balls & makes quality comedy) made hers. That to me felt like bridging the gap between famous Youtubers and pretty-much-nobodies like me, so I'm all "what the hey, I'm an embarrassing self-deprecating person. There are these flaws I like to make fun of, I'm gonna give this a go". Besides I was just done with The Name I Wanted that time.

Being an alternative rock person I've never made a rap song before, and I gotta admit this is pretty hard to record, like sometimes due to dif…

some Illustrator flat design & typography

Due to getting a new job that deals with drawing & animating simplified vector graphics a lot, I've recently viewed tutorials on the subjects cuz I've never felt like I'm THAT great in Illustrator, I'm a lifelong Photoshop person that only uses Illustrator for logo designs (oh and we use mostly Flash & Tumult Hype in the office).

Tried a few flat designs of my own for now. Here's a stotato.

There's also this one. Still bitter than I'm not in a band yet but now I'm in an animation company with loads of equally crazy people and that's alright. We're a team, and teams have different positions that cooperate and harmonize with each other.
It also comes with downloadable phone wallpaper versions

Here's another one based off a shower thought from last November

And another one, also based on a tweet around the same time

Here's my main 14 characters from Timestamps

The Peeping Song, now with lyrics.

After doing Queen of the Potties I decided to make a lyric video for this short song, still going with the crayon-y cover art's style.

Like previously mentioned the song's taking a jab on the voyeuristic plotlines from my childhood comics. It's all innocent peeping & innocent mischief, nothing sexual, thus the line "no I'm not interested in seeing you nude, I'm just here to cringe and laugh". The characters here are based on some Facebook friends though IRL I have no feelings of envy or peeping desire towards them. They just cameo'd randomly here.

At first I compiled everything in Flash but I forgot about how incompetent Flash can get when exporting to Quicktime format, cuz some frames still leave residue and the audio quality becomes blurry, so then I turned to Premiere Pro and it did its job well.

The stills are downloadable as gifs, maybe I'm gonna put it up on Google Drive or something later.

Queen Of The Potties

Meet a queen who's literally crappy and a guy who's literally bananas!

Here it is, I managed to make a picture video for another one of mine & Tina's recordings in 2013, cuz for the first one I animated it in Flash. Now I sorta don't have time to animate a full video :(

I sorta like the contrast between the Potty Queen & Banana Stasher here, the cold blue vs warm yellow, their toilet & banana aesthetics, while The Cat looks just like a normal cat. Its looks is actually based on the cat that always comes in my house every morning.

And since we were high ourselves back then (probably on medication) only at the last minute I realized that the Potty Queen's similar to the Red Queen from Alice in Wonderland, trying to "execute" the Banana Stasher which happens to also wear a hat. Kinda like the scene where they were gonna cut the Mad Hatter's head off but then suddenly he got saved by the Cheshire Cat. Only in here The Cat has more of a Puss in…

Sin Cakes clay sculptures

A few weeks ago after recording our third episode of Whatevski, Kamila & I got bored and molded some air-dry clay my sister got me last month. Initially I was gonna use it to make faux-enamel pins but turns out we can't bake air-dry clay in the oven. It dries on its own, so... we made sculptures instead.

Then we painted them with poster & acrylic paints. Kamila worked on the base coats first before derping around again, and after sometime later I worked on the minor details & colors.

We couldn't get Pride Cake's colors right so its texture turned out messy af.
Much much later, I added their faces with a marker pen.

Wrath & Gluttony cakes have bits that need to be glued in (the bits were scattered everywhere and always made a mess). I kinda used my sister's yellow nail polish to glue Wrath Cake's flames (which dont look like flames at all) and normal glue to glue Gluttony Cake's deco.

And they're done!

P.s. read the webcomic, Adventures Of The…

Coffeespill - another Cangkir gif

Third Cangkir gif of the year. I'm planning to make a series of these if I have time. Here are the other two.

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Let's Talk Whatevski

For a few months now I've had the idea of starting a podcast, or just a talkshow, and with the help of one of my closest friends Kamila we finally gave birth to Whatevski.

The display picture seems rushed, but it kinda has a certain aesthetic to it that I wanna keep. We'd like to think of the talkshow as doodley, not sketchy, and has a lot of flows and pretty much unpredictable. She said we can make everything monochrome for now, not a lot of colors, but maybe we will someday, if it calls for a redesign.
Here's the podcast, for a first timer.

Cover & banner for Jealous Cats CopyCats

So I decided it's about time to continue JealousCatsCopyCats again after a long hiatus... most of my webcomics right now are on hiatus anyway.

This banner's for Tapastic & Facebook
This one's for Smackjeeves, the site updated last year and now webcomics require cover pages, just like IRL comics. I kinda showed Cyan being envious at Bluesmiles, and Pinkers copying Redmagenta to correspond to both parts of the title respectively.