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My very first comic EVER!

Once again digging through my collection of old artworks (not-so-narcissistically) and found this old gem. It's back when I was 7 & started doing comics for the first time.

The comic's titled "Little Green Fairies" and it was completely in Indonesian, cuz I don't speak English much at that age. But no prob folks, translation will be provided.
Here's the back page, actually. The character's names are based on my sister & cousin (though my cousin's actual name is Nisya. I didn't know how to spell her name right yet back then). This comic was born in January 1999.
Translation: LITTLE GREEN FAIRIES by Rarain: "Having Fun"1. One day, the Little Green Fairies are having a picnic at their grandma & grandpa's house. Nisya: Delicious! Alta: Yummy!
2. And then the two walked back home. How joyful. Nisya: Let's go home Alta: Oh, how fun.
3. While they were having fun, they were making milk, getting the cookies and watching TV.
4. They w…

Poster: Eye Chart with Energy Saving Tips

Here's an eye chart that looks like an eye chart from afar, but actually carries tips to save energy if you look closer and further down.

I put a leaf divider on the other version just to separate the words.