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Rhett & Link x Twenty One Pilots music video crossover

More Rhett & Link x Twenty One Pilots crossover stuff!
Here's what happens if I put them in each other's music videos but still retain their color palettes.

First up, R&L in TØP's mv "Stressed Out"

Then, TØP in R&L's mv "It's My Belly Button"

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Rhett & Link + TØP Alternative Press photoshoot

Alright so  in deviantARTSoup & Tumblr I only stated that this is a crossover but PURPOSELY didn't tell them what the other half of the crossover was. Here's where I break out to other Mythical Beasts where the reference comes from.

Upright vs Upside Down shots
And of course the spiderman thing just had to be there

GMM shots

Mask shots

Realistic Self-Portrait

I saw poweredbycoke0/mycokezeroromance's profile pic & thought I'd make my own version too (and actually asked her permission). Antlers & leaves just because.