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Crystal Gems portraits

Steven Universe fanart! Well actually I've already did a doodledump about the show a few days ago, but I just gotta draw the Crystal Gems in a portrait-ish way. I'm also pushing my limit of drawing more realistic facial features. I couldn't draw Rose Quartz' gem in here cuz they're mugshots, and the gem is on her belly button. So I just drew the flowers blooming from the moss from the episode Lars and the Cool Kids cuz they have gems too at the center. Also, mini-Steven. The initial sketch: Not so great compared to the finished product. Also I noticed the mistake on Garnet's left hand (our right) cuz that gem is supposed to be square-shaped & not triangular. And Rose's hair still looks way different.

Mint Wings

Once in a while I felt like doing comics like these again, about myself flying a tad bit closer to the sun each time. And I miss those days of drawing comics traditionally, on paper and mixed media, with black frames. Sadly I haven't got sharpies or copic markers with me so I only used watercolor pencils for this occasion. Yes, the idea of these mint wings were taken from the Adventure Time episode  Blade of Grass , where Finn gets a new grass sword which at first tried to possess his arm and ended up being a part of him right after he's learnt to accept the sword. Or rather I was inspired by the episode, or the sword itself, since this comic's storyline is rather different. Featuring my two friends Likaura & Myoo89  (a.k.a. Amel/Kamila & Tina) And might I add that  I was listening to Breathe Owl Breathe's "Own Stunts" during coloring the last scene and it suits the scene quite perfectly.

Poster Design: The Ocean & The Trash Can

There was this river near where we live in Bintaro and the sad thing about it is people keep throwing their trash in it, so eventhough the good samaritans clean the lakes everyday, piles of garbage will show up the next day and that sucks for them. Sometimes I wish Jakarta has trash bins and recycle bins installed on public roads. Maybe that inspired the random thought that became this poster. I drew ocean waves cuz... i dont know why I didn't draw a river in the first place. And I feel as if I should change the tagline if I was being serious, but I'm just gonna leave it like that for comedic purposes.