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It's Ruby time

As promised in here , I'd do some Ruby the Copycat fanart after watching the animated story. I don't know, for some reason the story is kinda sweet, and somehow different from the usual copycat cliches.   This one turned out a tad bit Ghibli-ish, I don't know why. There's just something about her hopping on one foot, which probably pictures her quirkiness and originality, a trait she never realized before. And there are some doodledumps too because I was bored at work and at home.   The one on the left was just showing how similar the story is to my old comic series BFFL. And the one on the right... well... something about Angela's poem, both Angela and Ruby in swimsuits and both of them and Miss Hart as Eeveelutions. Because Eevee ftw, and so are tribbles. Here's another doodledump, thanks to the boredom of my job. Chibi Ruby just cheered me up. And this time, with Salad Fingers, Grojband and my comic series BFFL (specifically Julie and Kree cu