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Mini boxes and milk cartons

The print shop downstairs had name card samples, invitation samples and hat samples already but they didn't have gift box samples at the time so since I was bored, I wanted to make them cute little boxes as samples, and to make people want to print out their own boxes too. Templates are downloadable from Bellesprintables X | X The first one was a box with Cangkir in it. It's supposed to be a cough syrup flavored tea box (because I still like cough syrup tea) called PsychoTEAque because of reasons. Likaura said the stuff that came out of Cangkir looks like magical unicorn hair heheh And then I decided Im gonna make a milk carton. And since I like chocolate and mint combined so much, I made Mint Choc Chugs The first time printing it it came out all blue cuz the printer was faulty. But then after sometime it got fixed and it's looking BAMF SON Thats right, you've just been AWSM'D. I also made an SPS milk carton to honor the print shop. Strawberry b