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June artdump

This Eid I had more than plenty of time to draw during the holidays... did most of these on Sketchbook Pro cuz it's currently my fav Photoshop alternative (though not entirely, in terms of lineart & clipping mask I still prefer Medibang). Still a huge opportunity since usually my time's almost preoccupied with work & I'm often too tired to draw when I get back home. That might or might not be wine, either way I'm still able to get drunk. That's why the snake's judging me. Also why is there even a snake wearing a collar in the garden? [ X ] This one's for  the OC challenge cuz I saw a friend did it, & I tried it too. [ X ] Here's a fanart for Fotoplace  cuz I'm done using it after 1000 photos. I chose this style cuz it's not my usual one but I saw someone on Instagram with this style & tried drawing it. [ X ] I redrew an old doodle by Myoo89 with us sitting, & added the night sky background based on a former colleague

if Northern Downpour was a Doki Doki Literature Club song | Panic! At Th...

Earlier this year I was kinda curious about how a PATD song would sound like as a DDLC soundtrack, soooo this happens.... w ell actually I blame the "the ink flows down into a dark puddle" part, reminding me of "the ink is running toward the page" in Northern Downpour. That gave me the idea for this mash-up cover. This time I had to repeatedly listen to both songs WHILE in the process of making this cover, trying to get the notes right. It's still harder to control my voice & breathing though, plus I just recovered from a cold so that explains the slight phlegminess. The video accidentally got cut off in the first part, cuz halfway through drawing the iPad ran out of battery, & Procreate failed to save everything from the beginning. Since the original Northern Downpour video is black and white, I should do a B&W drawing of the Doki Doki girls as well, but somehow part of me still wants their signature color to pop out, so I picked a very desat