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G A M E . O V E R .

[ Originally posted on my revamp blog ] revamped something from 9 years ago. I used Procreate cuz of their abundance of textures, cuz back then I drew the earlier pic traditionally just so I can waste gel pens & watercolor pencils. Besides bright red & lime green go well like lime & chili. I've also redrew a couple of things these past few months [ X ][ X ][ X ] mostly from school doodles back then.

My Rhett and Link gif's featured on Buddy System!

Not a new art post, but a throwback and some news. Okay so I made that gif 3 years ago, based on one of the endings of GMM where R&L played in the park, & I only took the see-saw scene. Just recently, this month, someone in deviantART told me that this gif's featured in their Youtube Red show Buddy System, in season 2. I couldn't be more proud, this was the first time something I made actually got featured in a TV show. To clarify, a few months before this, one of the post-production crew contacted me via first, then email, asking for my permission to feature the gif on Buddy System cuz Link found it online & he liked it. tbh i'm not even sure whether i'm allowed to post his email address here. I'm still thankful for him, for reaching out to me and being an overall chill guy, and the crew, too.

a rather uhh... phallic dwelling

Started out as a doodle which I drew on someone's paper that already had scribbles. They already formed a shape & so I drew along the shape, added details & made a house... a rather lewd house if you tilt your head 90°. & also drawn in Procreate. I'm still practicing on finer details plus highlighting & shading, and i've always loved houses that look like they pop straight outta storybooks.

Photo-painting practice

In my office the graphic designers were given assignments to practice digital painting from a photo reference. The boss is currently nuts over Makoto Shinkai artworks (he's got the art book which he passed around to us) & told us to follow  tutorials from McLelun . Photo reference: This one took me 2 working days.