Saturday, 28 September 2013


Song: "Ruby" by Kaiser Chiefs (with the exceptions of altered lyrics in the verses)
Ruby the Copycat (c) Peggy Rathmann

This took me about 3 1/2 days to finish (excluding time to think up of the lyrics). Just moments after I watched Ruby the Copycat I sorta got reminded of this old Kaiser Chiefs song. This isn't exactly a parody, more like... ehh.. I don't really know what do you call "altering song lyrics but not being funny" in one word.

Basically in this story, Angela sings the whole song... with the exception of Miss Hart singing the second chorus. And probably in the finale the whole class sings the final chorus altogether.
Also, I kinda noticed that in the last part Miss Hart's skirt isnt completely colored :( ah well. I'm kinda too lazy to fix it. I'm also too lazy to draw the rest of the kids joining Ruby hopping about, just blank snow people will do).

And the part with Angela and Ruby wearing teal shirts & holding teal books, each with a yellow star, isn't part of the story. I just thought up of it cuz I wanna see them wearing those.

Thursday, 5 September 2013

all patterns and no shading peaceful portraits

It started out just drawing a random profile picture for myself cuz I needed one. I might've found a picture with this kind of style (lots of lineart + flat colors) online and thought of making one for myself.

But once all my 3 sisters, their friends and one of my friends found out, they wanted one for themselves too. Man, it felt like the Black Parade Fangirlness days all over again where everyone wants a drawing in a certain style from me. But hey this one took fast (not so fast with the tedious patterns) and I could probably do like four-five in a day.

So much purple... why is purple so popular D:

second batch:

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

BFFL Chapter 2 pages (unfinished)

After the so-called success of my BFFL short comic remake (and its animated video) remake back in 2008, I tried continuing the series in 2010. The storyline is based off of BFFL's storyline back when I made it in 2001 of course, and I wanted to see/show how Kree gets creative with her packages, cuz that's one of the things she's good at. (If I channeled my copycat quirks on Julie and tomboyishness on Petie, I could be channeling my paper crafting fondness on Kree). Regarding the title, I was torn between naming it "The Package" or "The Parcel", also I was planning on naming the first chapter "The Encounter" because that was the first time Julie met Kree and tried making friends with her in a Ruby-The-Copycat-esque way.

I was planning the things shown off and copied in this comic will be two types: a D-I-Y paper notebook and a wooden handpainted pencil case.

In the original comic storyline Kree's gonna show Julie a new pencil case made out of wood, cuz her dad works in a paper factory or something. That's why he brought home lots of paper for Kree to play with. Also, chunks of wood that hasn't been beaten up to pulp yet. And Julie's dad's so-called "scary boss" in here is actually Kree's uncle (the dad's older brother). I still haven't figured out what Julie's dad work as, but teamed up with his wife the dressmaker, they made a pretty decent amount of living.

Also, Kree will tell Julie why it's uncool to copy other people (cuz Julie didn't get why in the first chapter) and similarly, Julie will show Kree why copying other people unknowingly is kinda fun. By watching other kids in the restaurant trying to balance silverware on a glass and both girls trying it out by themselves. Julie's mom will get everything on tape for safekeeping. When Julie's family get back home Julie will open Kree's box and read pages 4-5. Basically Kree is challenging Julie not to copy her pencil case. Julie's like "sure I can do that" but as the seconds go she felt more and more uncomfortable with the thought of Kree having a cool-ass pencil case and she doesn't have one to satisfy her copier heart. Finally when she went to bed at 9, she overheard her dad telling her mom that Kree's dad had some folks made wooden pencil cases out of chopped wood pieces that hasn't been beaten to pulp yet, and since there were several of them he was giving them away to a bunch of students from a certain school who were planning to visit the paper factory. Since his daughter Kree and his nephews already have one each he's giving them to Julie cuz through his brother he knew that Julie's dad is one of the brother's best employees. This lit a smile on Julie's face.

The next day during recess Julie took out some lunch money she hid in her new pencil case and BAM Tari & Petie were there. Tari was gonna say & admire Julie's copying skills & Petie told her Kree's been showing off her new pencil case a lot this morning. Julie told both of them what actually happened and also requested Kree's dad to give them two more for Tari & Petie each. They nodded. Sounds like a good plan.

A week later after Julie saved some lunch money to buy Kree the chocolate bars she owed, she was planning to surprise Kree and hid the chocolate bar in her pencil case, but alas, Kree caught her red handed. Kree told Julie she failed the test. Lucky Tari and Petie came in the scene instantly & Julie told Kree what happened as Tari and Petie showed their pencil cases. Kree was like "aw no not you guys too!" Julie told Kree to open Julie's pencil case & found two chocolate bars inside, mint and cherry. Kree said she didnt like cherry cuz it tastes like cough syrup. Julie said "hey, you got me into mint, I'll get you into cherry. You can never taste the sweetness if you never tried". Finally Kree nodded (after complaining why cant she be original and have something that only belongs to her) and told them as long as only the three of them have the same pencil cases as hers, she'll be ok. Tari said they're the only one in this school to have those since the school visiting Kree's dad's factory is a different school. The four of them hugged. Swag. The end.

If I were to continue these series I probably need to full-out digitize the comics... or just finish this chapter first in a traditional art manner (with digital word bubbles) and then make the next chapters all digital. I also forgot what will be the continued messages in Kree's package too, need to rethink on that.