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iPad pro artdump

From September or so my boss lent me one of his iPad pro (the rarely used one) as a test run. I was introduced to three new Photoshop alternatives; Sketchbook Pro, Sketches by Tayasui, and Procreate. Here are some of the stuff I made Leaf Deer - Tayasui Sketches.   dA | Tumblr | Twitter | Soup Soaking in the tub - Tayasui Sketches.  dA | Tumblr | Twitter | Soup Three people in my office chillin'. Lineart done in Medibang but colored in Tayasui Sketches.  This one's done in Procreate. I only posted it in Soup & Kakaostory Taylor Swift & Kanye West - Sketchbook Pro. Katy Perry & Taylor Swift - Sketchbook Pro. Octopus + Owl - Procreate Here are a few comics too. Some are posted on Tapas & Line Webtoon, some on dA, Tumblr & Soup.