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Roast Yourself Challenge lyric video

Welp I'm a year late into making this video since I've already made the song and posted it up on Chirbit & Soundcloud last year. The challenge spread among famous Youtubers cuz Nigahiga started it and tagged some friends, and they tagged their other friends, yada yada etc. Usually that doesn't bother me much when everyone's doing something, but I was kinda moved to make this just because an online buddy Lorie Way (srsly go check her videos out , she's funny as balls & makes quality comedy) made hers. That to me felt like bridging the gap between famous Youtubers and pretty-much-nobodies like me, so I'm all "what the hey, I'm an embarrassing self-deprecating person. There are these flaws I like to make fun of, I'm gonna give this a go". Besides I was just done with The Name I Wanted that time. Being an alternative rock person I've never made a rap song before, and I gotta admit this is pretty hard to record, like sometimes

some Illustrator flat design & typography

Due to getting a new job that deals with drawing & animating simplified vector graphics a lot, I've recently viewed tutorials on the subjects cuz I've never felt like I'm THAT great in Illustrator, I'm a lifelong Photoshop person that only uses Illustrator for logo designs (oh and we use mostly Flash & Tumult Hype in the office). Tried a few flat designs of my own for now. Here's a stotato. There's also this one. Still bitter than I'm not in a band yet but now I'm in an animation company with loads of equally crazy people and that's alright. We're a team, and teams have different positions that cooperate and harmonize with each other. It also comes with downloadable phone wallpaper versions Here's another one based off a shower thought from last November And another one, also based on a tweet around the same time Here's my main 14 characters from Timestamps