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Glass, jelly, cream and (minus the) sprinkles.

A continuation of this revamp. This other picture is also done in 2011. Before the cups picture to be precise.

I'm using Blender this time because for the last 3D revamp I use Cinema4D. But still, I have no idea how to perfectly model the cream on top in Blender so I used Cinema4D to model them and the sprinkles. I exported said files as .3ds files but sadly the sprinkles don't turn out well when imported in Blender, so I had to ditch them. And for some reason I forgot to do the spoon.

They're staring to look pretty awesome. I love how the glasses look here, despite being a bid jagged on the inside eventhough I've already used the sub-surf modifier. Also, I tried making the patterns on the straw but they turned out distorted. Moving on to the environment. Lots of yellow and curtains. Not forgetting the ceiling fans.


Loving the shadows on the last bit.

Pick your teacup

This was drawn in early 2011 back when I was in Jakarta getting ready for my final year in Limkokwing (moments before I go to Malaysia). I was in a total green & purple mood again so I drew this. The green cup was supposed to contain green tea while the purple one was containing poison disguised as grape juice or wine. Well maybe it's safe to just say it's wine/grape juice.

Back then I wasn't into 3D that much. We used 3DS Max, I wasn't a big fan of it but now I kinda miss playing with it. And now, since I've gotten in touch with Blender and Cinema4D I thought of redoing this pic in 3D. I used Cinema 4D R12 for this one. The original background was black but I wanted a brighter background so I choose light grey for the environment.

I felt like something was missing so I added a door and some round windows. And dimmed the lights a little. Finally, I gave a little sunset touch.

Drawing Down Memory Lane

As I was flipping through my pictures and downloads folder, and my harddisk (which is currently getting fixed) I came across some old characters and reminders that I had redrawing plans. Back when I was in 4th-6th grade, I was so fueled up with Digimon and Pokemon fandoms, and so were my friends, so if I'm not mistaken, there was a point in our grade school lives that between classes, we drew each other as either digidestineds or pokemon trainers, complete with our 'mons to match.

I'm not sure if any of them still remembers this but I do, and boy were we lame back then.

These are OCs based on an old grade school friend (and her Digimon supposedly, which went through redesigns), yes the designs were supposed to resemble Gatomon & Kari Kamiya from Digimon 02... but then suddenly Alice in Wonderland.
Oh and I was also listening to Shinedown's "Her Name Is Alice" here (but then this OC's name isn't Alice tho). I'm such a copycat back then and I…