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deviantART | Soup Had to do something for my birthday, and I never thought the theme would be Furisodeshon by Kyary Pamyu Pamyu . Myoo89 cameo'd as the creepy cat mascot. I don't know why either, I was probably envious of the party in the music video, the trippy animations & how she got to goof of & get drunk and stuff, I mean I always joked about myself getting drunk with Myoo89 but we never really did. Cuz we can't. Because reasons. Now, a furisode (some kind of kimono i think) is supposed to be red and white, and worn on someone's 20th birthday (and not 22nd) according to some article I read on the internet (which explains Kyary's video & her attire and theme, and the hatachi-hatachi-ing), but who cares, I can make it purple and black because I can. And because red's already taken here. Or maybe because Myoo likes purple and purple is also the color of Cangkir (yeah, I was planning to feature Cangkir in here too cuz of its menacing face

Seeing Double. Times Two.

Since it's been a long time since I draw "two sides" pictures here's another one. Was in a mood for some 30STM x MCR pics again. Also, I've been joking that the two half-skull-faced girls from 30STM's Up In The Air music video are like the new Fear and Regret (The Black Parade) and suddenly I had this idea. Honestly it would look better if the picture is rotated with either duo standing upright, but since I'm undecided of which band I love more, I just laid them down horizontally. They're technically lying on the ground anyway. I kinda like how their faces turn out. Their eyes & lips. View from both sides. Plain background looks good against them too.

Getting in touch with 3D again

So because of my current job, I need to learn how to use the 3D software I downloaded but not used in college, Blender. I'm surprised that their latest version (2.66) is way easier to use compared to their previous 2.49 version. I started off by experimenting & making some really simple models like the Envy Cake, some cups, mugs, hourglasses, and eventually the white headphones with black stars that I wanted so much since 2010 cuz I was planning on modeling a replica in Blender back when I still didn't know how to use it :P I even made some comparisons just because I also happen to have Cinema 4D in my laptop. Oh how I love comparing alternative programs together. Tried making a .dae file so it can be edited in both Blender and Cinema4D because it's easier to make the bubble tea pearls with C4D's array modifier but I prefer making the straw in Blender because of the pointy end by moving one vertex while enabling falloff. One thing that suck

Some concept art & doodles for a fanfiction I wrote

I've written the fanfiction already but these are just doodles cuz I didn't have time for concept art yet due to the amount of work. Yes Owl City and Fall Out Boy are involved here, and the theme is clearly The Lorax so this should be considered fanart. More to come sooner or later.

30 Seconds To Mars x Paramore crossover: Up In the Air / Still Into You

click for deviantART link I knew I just had to do adorable pictures of Tomo in Hayley's Still Into You outfit from this doodledump right here . For the lulz because for some reason that HIGHdea really worked. And it went further on into a 30 Seconds To Mars - Paramore crossover featuring both their recent music videos. I'm still laughing. The switcheroo isn't definite in here. Taylor & Jeremy were casted as those girls with half-skeleton makeup instead while Jared & Shannon took their position seeing that Tomo already called dibs on Hayley's outfit (which Jared wants to wear, but come on, skirts and bearded guys make a better comedic combination). Jeremy looks the saddest though, I don't know why. And in the fourth panel I sorta drew Shannon's tattoos on the wrong side but I'm too lazy to fix it. Separate pieces (rebloggable Soup links)