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Seafruit & Grasslightning bottles in 3D

Just got Cinema 4D and currently playing with it, following video tutorials and practicing. I used to have 3DS Max & Blender in my old PC (but used 3DS Max more often) until I moved on to this laptop. But hey, Cinema 4D is in fact rad. And I thought I'd make 3D versions of the two perfume bottles I designed, Seafruit & Grasslightning (based on my characters Seattle & Lightninggrass) to see at least something closer to the bottles being brought to life. Pardon my n00b 3D skills, everyone. I still can't figure out how to smooth some curves... need more tutorials.

Seafruit & Grasslightning pefrume bottles design

So out of the blue, I decided to design some perfume bottles (cuz I've looked up pictures of perfumes lately for no reason) Like I said in the deviantART description, these are based from my two OCs Seattle & Lightninggrass. Grasslightning is just Lightninggrass's name swapped, and Seafruit is from the animation I did which featured Seattle and an albatross. Seafruit's bottle kinda reminds me of those DKNY Be Delicious series, since usually they're based off of food scents, and seafruit is a fruit, so. It's pearshaped like the seafruit in the animation, smooth & rounded. In contrast, I designed Grasslightning's bottle to have spikes & blades and stuff, because of the stereotypical grass & lightning shapes. The bottle color is electric yellow with an added electric green semicoat, probably made out of plastic or rubber, or a mixture of both to get that transparent-translucent texture. The color scheme and the "lid" reminds me of

Animation: MatryoshKacang

Because I had an idea of drawing peanuts coming out of each other one morning. Like matryoska dolls. And thus, MatryoshKacang (cuz they're peanuts. lame pun heh). But the way they come out of each other isn't like a typical matryoshka though. This is animation, I gotta get creative. That hammer looks pretty pissed off. The music is done by garageband as usual, and that melody in the beginning had been stuck in my head ever since I was 6, so I decided to use it anyway & add background melodies too. It kinda reminds me of one of my earliest animations here, done in 2009