Wednesday, 30 October 2013

Watercolor live performances

It started out in 2012, remembering I used to sing a duet with Myoo89 and that time we sang Paramore's "My Heart". I remembered how emotional our voices went (at least I think of it that way) and so I drew both of us and our whole gang as a band, performing this song. That being said, the other reasons why I drew this comic was because I wanted to waste some blue pen ink, and because I've always ALWAYS wanted to be in a band ever since I was 14.
Song: "My Heart" - Paramore

A year later I kinda missed doing these. At the same time, because my tablet broke I moved on to doing some traditional art to still occupy my creative side. I tried out different color schemes as well as different songs that I like. Think of it as our "band" doing "covers" of these songs with different stage lights and decors, creating different feels and energy levels.

Song: "Young Volcanoes" - Fall Out Boy

I started this one up here while eating lunch and then after I finished it I had the sudden urge to do more.
Song: "Blinded (When I See You)" - Third Eye Blind

Song: "Hero" - Skillet

Song: "This Isn't Everything You Are" - Snow Patrol

Song: "Image Of The Invisible" - Thrice

Guess those are all for now. I'll make more though, in the near future.

Song: "Boy/ Boys/Girls" - a genderbent version of Panic! At The Disco's "Girls/Girls/Boys"