Lo and behold, the songs I recorded when I have nothing to draw and when I'm just itching to sing. Pardon the recording quality and the Garageband background music. My main songs & covers are on Soundcloud. The song-bits & parodies are probably either in Chirbit or scattered around Tumblr & Soup.


The Name I Wanted

Roast Yourself Challenge (Diss Track)

The Peeping Song



Screw The Rainbow

Growing A Rainbow

Adventure Time: Scratchin' Butts (songbit)

Everything Was Green (songbit)

O Holy Cows (songbit)

ROFL song/Rolling Rolling Rolling On The Floor Laughing (song bit)

Covers & Parodies

Whenever I felt like singing my fav songs, and sometimes with different lyrics to said songs.

Stupid Acid Trip (Owl City 'Super Honeymoon' parody)

Take A Bath (Avril Lavigne 'when you're gone' parody)

Need Coffee Now (Lady Antebellum 'Need You Now' parody)

Save Rock And Roll (Fall Out Boy cover) (with SpencerBeavcoon)

Flashlight/Six Feet Under The Stars (Jessie J & All Time Low cover) (with Flowerbeis)

Flipside Two (cover of Perfect Two by Auburn)

Check this out on Chirbit


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