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Saw some doodles on the internet once & decided to make some of mine too. I was bored while doodling these on the sketchbook & haven't thought of any color schemes for each doodle yet until it was digitizing time. Here's the lineart. At first I thought I wanted to color them in a messy & uneven way, kinda like using markers. It feels okay using really light colors, but darker tones started to look less good while using the style. And finally, the fully-colored version. They kinda do look nicer this way though.

While Flying

Back in 2010, I was playing at Tina's room in our apartment and she's got a ton of copic markers. I felt like wasting them all (or rather using them) before she gets back to Sabah temporarily at the time due to family issues. What I came up with was this comic, drawn on my recycled sketchbook, no regrets. The story is about, as usual, myself goofing off with chocolate wings eventually, but it was a silent moment mostly, and all the text were my thoughts, pondering over the life that's going on every time I pass by someplace. It can also be a sequel to this comic I did in 2008 


Just shamelessly showing off my button collection. Been dying to make these since 4 years ago until I finally get my hands on a buttonmaker. HAH. JUST KIDDING. The so-called buttonmaker is here . The REAL button collection is here btw. And I still have no buttonmaker IRL.

BFFL: The Encounter

My final project assignment. We're free to choose whichever form of work we're doing for this project, since we've all got different expertise fields. I chose 2D animation.  Based on my old comic I did in 2008, a revamp of my even older comics in 2001.