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Indulging in your own envy. It's wrong and poisonous, but the hell with it.

Because there's no wifi in the house anymore, I kinda felt too lazy to use my laptop to draw, so here's another watercolor painting.
Like I said previously, I wanna do something like this piece I did in 2008 with oil pastels
Begrudged …but we don't have oil pastels anymore, and I felt like wasting my watercolor pencils. The concept was inspired by my hidden envy towards some of my good friends (cuz they are my good friends after all) and some internet friends I made this year which went to concerts I couldn't go to.

Winx Club wallpaper

Believe it or not, this actually came from a sketch I did in 2005 (or was it 2006?)
It was high school and I was into Winx Club for some reason (maybe I got excited cuz the characters are all colorful like any typical magic girls genre cartoons). It was doodled on a sheet of perforated notepad cuz I was bored in class. And I think I subconsciously copied, or was inspired by, this Sailormoon wallpaper by Daekazu. The piece was back in my deviantART favorites, so I guess it made sense, but I never had time to digitize it cuz my level of drawing was still crappy and I was still a Photoshop beginner back then.

Recently I found this sketch among my old pile of old sketches and wanted to try to digitize it, crossing off one thing from the list of things I didn't get to do in the past. Seems that I sorta took time in doing this one :]

Winx Club © Iginio Straffi