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Purple Lemper CM Launcher theme

A few months ago, after testing out CM Launcher, somehow some people from the CM Team found me on Twitter and asked me to design a theme for CM. I took the opportunity cuz it would be fun, kinda like when I designed Purple Lemper & Sin Cakes Line stickers last year.

And a few days before this, the Purple Lemper CM theme was released. Yay~

To use this theme you gotta download CM Launcher first.
I tried the theme on my own phone, but some icons just wont show up, as usual :(

Looking forward to designing another theme for CM Launcher… or other Launchers too if they want me :D

Rhett & Link x Twenty One Pilots music video crossover

More Rhett & Link x Twenty One Pilots crossover stuff!
Here's what happens if I put them in each other's music videos but still retain their color palettes.

First up, R&L in TØP's mv "Stressed Out"

Then, TØP in R&L's mv "It's My Belly Button"

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Rhett & Link + TØP Alternative Press photoshoot

Alright so  in deviantARTSoup & Tumblr I only stated that this is a crossover but PURPOSELY didn't tell them what the other half of the crossover was. Here's where I break out to other Mythical Beasts where the reference comes from.

Upright vs Upside Down shots
And of course the spiderman thing just had to be there

GMM shots

Mask shots

Realistic Self-Portrait

I saw poweredbycoke0/mycokezeroromance's profile pic & thought I'd make my own version too (and actually asked her permission). Antlers & leaves just because.

some Ramadhan + Eid drawings

Ramadhan Perks
it’s supposed to be a series focusing on the little things in this holy month instead of the already known huge benefits religion-wise we all learn about in school.
sadly i had no time & was feeling down most of the month that these are the only two i can do for this year…

Have a Happy Molome Eid
One of the Molome fanarts I've pretty much drawn, and the second last photo before I left the site (here's the final one), just in time for the season's greetings.
other molome-related artworks: 

Late-Night Cafe Jam

Here we are at the cafe next door (under the same management as the job agency & print shop we work in). We only sang two songs so far cuz we didn't practice enough & can't stay up that late, but that's alright.

Band photo 2015

When you miss your close friends' presence a lot and another friend you know actually gets to perform in a band, amplifying your envy vibes, that's when you know you'll gonna have to "arrange" a "photoshoot" for your "band" of friends.

Don't know why but I was in a mood to draw a haunted mansion kind of photoshoot, with everyone in classy suits and the walls propped with eerie paintings, complete with eerie lighting (which I still need more practice). In my head were scenes from Breaking Benjamin's "Diary of Jane" music video, and similar scenes from similar music videos though I was actually listening to Melanie Martinez songs :P
Also I unintentionally made the girls wear white shoes & the guys wear grey/brown shoes.

Here's another version with the adjusted lighting, making everything more visible.

and the lineart:

Fart Balloon

I'm ashamed to say that I got this idea during Tarawih and I had to fart badly that time. So many rakaats like if the prayer ends anyone would just rip out the biggest fart ever, enough to power a self-sized hot air balloon. Hot FART balloon.

Also wanted to give this picture a Pajama Forest feel with the sky, cuz honestly I still miss that webcomic badly. Its hilarity and the fantasy-themed wallpapers that makes me feel like I actually could dive in the scenery accompanied with Owl City songs.

Here's the close-up version if anyone feels the amount of sky is unnecessary.

In case anyone is unsure, yes, 'kentut' means 'fart'.

A thank you to Spring

As mentioned in my personal blog I'm writing letters to Spring in my lesser-known blog (mostly inspired by Carrie Hope Fletcher’s “Letters to Autumn” vlogs).
To end the series of letters, as a finale I thought I'd draw something awesome as sort of a "going away present" for the season.

I felt as if lately my artworks became more & more sketchy and less  solid ._. Letters To Spring masterlist:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | 16 | 17 | 18 | 19 | 20 | 21 | 22 |23 | 24 | 25 | 26 | 27 | 28 |

More Choc Chugs

'kay so remember the Mint Choc Chugs milk carton from the previous post? I decided to make it some "friends". Made a whole Choc Chugs series in the hopes of them turning into a reality someday because dayumn son the flavor combos.

Honey Choc Chugs
Date Choc Chugs

And I just straight up made these three at once. Orange, Cherry & Blueberry Choc Chugs

Yes, with all the cheesy-ass pick-up/cheer-up lines with the cheesiest overused puns just because.

Aaaaand now there's 6 of them.