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My thoughts on fanfictions

The other day I was reading this article on about stealing like an artist (which he'll turn into a book eventually) and thought about number 3 on the list; "Write the book you want to read" and as he further explained this he wrote about how he wrote a fanfiction about Jurassic Park after the 1st movie, and then comparing it to the sequel which he thought sucked. So if he advised all the artists & creative people out there to write the book they want to read, draw the comic they want to read, act the movie they want to watch, etc. then this explains A LOT about all the fanart, fanfiction & fanmade animation of a lot of fandoms in deviantART or any other art websites with twisted storylines come from... Not blaming the advice; that is in fact a REALLY good advice. The sad thing about them is, nowadays most of the fanfictions roaming around the internet are either extreme yaoi (and yuri, but mostly yaoi) with crack pairings of two characters that

Displaying past sketches of the Ice Demon

Was fidgeting restlessly in college yesterday, I was anxious for no reason I didnt even know why. Probably because I had no luck finding recycle bins for me to recycle some of my stuff? Aaand something else too but I haven't figured out what were they. Primarily I was supposed to give or throw away some stuff since I'll be moving soon, or at least use them bit by bit for good. And since frustration got in the way of thinking how to reuse & recycle junk in my room, the feeling of painting stuff came out. Added with sticking old paperchildren on surfaces so they wont be wasted away. Heheheh... looks like I'm using my unused stuff bit by bit anyway. Plus when I'm pissed I sort of turned slightly productive. These are the sketces of the ice demon that me, Daniel & David designed for our movie project in Semester 4 (with Bobb as the actor). With the added painted blue watercolor background and blood red splatters, it turned out almost perfect-ish. A c

Once again revamping my book

Previously I stated that I made a sketchbook out of Desaria bus cards just for the sake of recycling... and after quite sometime the cover's getting torn apart (especially the plastic covering) Since I've got plenty of newspapers around I thought I might use just one sheet to protect my book from dust, but still that attempt failed so hard. The cover looks okay though, I just painted the pages with black poster paint. Yep, the cover's deliberately made like that as a homage to Austin Kleon's book Newspaper Blackout just because I'm looking for that book. Oh wait actually I'm looking for his other book Steal Like An Artist. Of course, not THAT similar. Deliberately. But it's a first try

Going D-I-Y & reusing unused materials.

I remember I used to have a fluffy pink diary book during grade school, & my friend had the same one & one day she tied a piece of string to the book's binder & carried it around like a handbag & I did the same... (one of the incidents that I got the nickname 'copycat' in school) And I've made plenty of notebooks too. Only that time I didn't know how to properly use a stapler & the paper I used were just some crumpled ones thrown inside the trash can. Now I've lost every single one of them & they might be thrown away a long time ago since they look basically like pieces of wasted trash anyway. A few years later in college, I got back to gathering scrap paper around (only good quality ones this time, hey, it's an art university & there's wasted paper everywhere in the uni's print shop & art studios) & made a sketchbook so that I don't have to buy new ones & save money. Pretty spiffy. And it