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Bonfire Time with Fall Out Boy

Got this idea off from goofing off on Twitter with some friends while we're high due to excitement because Fall Out Boy has returned with a new album, and a new song 'My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark'. [Long story short, everyone were uncontrollably excited & couldn't hold their feels] So in their music video, 2Chainz and some girls were burning stuff (probably FOB's old records) and FOB also have a picture of themselves burning their old records into a pile of bonfire. And then somewhere along that I said "it's bonfire time". And thus, this. Keep calm, burn records and light up a bonfire because Fall Out Boy is back. P.s. this isn't the first time I made a spoof of Adventure Time's intro shot, here's the one featuring Razia's Shadow done on 2011. Deviantart link:  Bonfire-Time-with-Fall-Out-Boy-353082282