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Cheesecake + Cakue Instagram Ads

It's mid-November coming early December, and I thought it would be a good time for me to finish the lyric video for my Roast Yourself rap song, or finish the Seven Sin Cakes themesong, but somehow I lost the mood to do music-related things for some reason and I kinda hate that. I've also been doing Timestamps comics (more of the in-story ones than the miscellaneous ones), and at the same time, two of my friends had a food business, one selling flavored cakue & the other selling japanese cotton cheesecakes & cupcakes, so I might as well design Instagram ads for them. In payment of them taking me to places & probably feeding me with their stuff with a discount price.   Here are their instagram acounts [ ZhiYongCakes ] [ CakoiViral5754 ] Oh and if anyone's living in Brunei, do check them out and maybe place an order & try their food out, maybe.

Timestamps illustration

Earlier in September I finished writing a faux-journal 5-part story, Timestamps [ 1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5 ] which I started writing on November 2015. Afterwards I sort of thought about what the characters might look like, and then came up with these busts + chibis for the main characters. Their descriptions are in Deviantart , Tumblr & Soup Here are some artworks of them, whether taken from some scenes in the story or outside the story.   I've also did comics of them too, more comics than pics tbh and I'm planning to post them as a webcomic but not everything is comic-able. Only doing it with some scenes.

The Name I Wanted (lyric video)

So two months ago I released this song (written last year) on Chirbit, and only got time to make its lyric video this month. Initially, I wanted to make an animated lyric video but to save time judging by all the office assignments I received, stills are fine. Listen on Chirbit | Reblog/repost on Tumblr & Soup

Flower Crown Babadook

Soup | Tumblr LET ME IN LET ME IN AND MAKE ME A FLOWER CROWN since I won’t shut up about this guy I drew him in a flower crown & made it my new Twitter profile pic because I can. tbh the flower crown is harder to illustrate. Also while we're going on with the Babadook theme I made a tiled wallpaper too... and eventually a fb/twitter banner Feel free to use them.

Poster design for Fantasea: a Musical

A few months ago in my personal blog I've talked about there being a musical in Aulait Cafe that all of us are involved in (both the Aulait & Showcase staff). Well, here's the poster. The boss said we're gonna go with the bright blue one, but I still like the other versions. -- Well the date had to be postponed… so yeah. Now i'm posting these all over the mall [ Fotoplace ]

Throwback: Ridiculous Band 2012-2013

What happens when you give musical instruments to a bunch of geeks. The main focus were Kevin, Bryan & Ili. Top part was when we performed Paramore's "My Heart" in 2012, and in 2013 we did a bunch of covers on stage too, this was Fall Out Boy's "Young Volcanoes", the first one we did that year. Since this is basically a photo I'm gonna just doodle on them *yeeeeepski everyone ships Kenvin & Yat cough cough*