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Meet The Artist meme + MyArtSpace meme

Everyone's doing it so why not? *jumps in the wagon* Twitter | Tumblr | Soup Here's another meme I forgot to post, MyArtSpace

Matching fruit icons for my friends

Here I am back to making more stuff for the Ridiculous Buddies. Started as random idea a few days ago, I don't know why fruits though but I felt like drawing something simplistic and vector-like cuz I felt like I lack those in my portfolio.

Njir, leh ugha!

Random design of the day: Njir, Leh Ugha! Derived from the phrase "anjir, boleh juga" (dang, that'll do) since a friend of mine says it a lot, especially when I and some other friends come with witty/crazy ideas. I wanna print this on a T-shirt someday :)

Cangkir gifs

2017 is here and that means I gotta do something out of the usual (other than drawing this furry gemsona for a friend... well there's that.). As 2016 ends my whole family got sick and I barely had the time to draw cuz we were moving in a new house, but eventually I got hold of my pen tablet despite not being able to finish my two songs for the moment. I started animating again, bit by bit. I'm in the middle of making a lyric video with After Effects so... gifs will do for now. Gifs of my ol' pal Cangkir the Cup. Soup | Tumblr  | Twitter Soup | Tumblr | Twitter EDIT: Third Cangkir gif