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Book Cover Designs

Wandering around in a few bookstores, I noticed some amazing-looking notebook covers, tempting me and my sisters to buy them for no reason, despite not needing any lined notebooks that time. I was looking for a blank sketchbook. Sadly, the covers were either blank or cardboard, either one was very dull unlike the notebook covers. Probably because when it comes to sketchbooks, it's the inside that counts & not the outside. But that doesn't stop me from coming up with some notebook cover designs after being inspired by those store notebook covers. Currently I came up with two designs (click to see full view): Owls. Red-pink and blue-green for a reason. Just cuz I like those colors combined. and Monkeys & Cats. For some reason I want them to be green & brown, and stacked this way. Kind of like that parallel lines illusion with the squares making the lines look unparallel. Oh, and not forgetting some of the book covers I designed during late 20