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I'm no photographer, BUUUUUT...

More photos in my Twitpic account Just a collection of my snapshots. They're taken using my sister's iPod with LomoLomo at first, then my phones ( Nokia 3500, then Samsung Wave 533) & edited in photoshop. I've decided to merge the thumbnails like this from seeing my previous lecturer do the same with her photos for a certain showcase. It was frameless at first, but giving it a frame would be nice. Not sure why it's in the shape of a clipboard, but I like it. I made a phone frame as well (but I like the clipboard one better. It comes in 2 awesome colors, red-pink and blue-green.

Poster Design: The Iron Tablecloth

My first ever poster design mock-up for an upcoming event. I won't be a judge or anything, but since I'm the one who designed this, it still looks a bit flawed in every side. But here's the thing, since the name of the tour is Iron Tablecloth itself, the poster has to contain elements of the names. For the iron part, texture is given to make the background look metal-ish. Later, the names of the bands are shaped into a tablecloth shape and underneath, rivets are given just to show the tablecloth's made out of iron. Notice the white words giving out the shiny metallic effect (which failed as well) Band list: Your Physical Violence Jamujuana The Mole and The Ostrich HackySack Geblek Tig-Ass Bitties & Dig Bicks Pink Parade FO9XI47 Metasnortosis Snow Frickin' Day Bloodwires Monotonic Winslett Disarm Enemy Ships III Bars Serifless Koize Textures (c) night-fate-stock & viv-stock

4 OS deviantID

This idea unsurprisingly came during bedtime when I was trying hard to sleep. Forcing to sleep sorta made the brain even more active & insomniac. Don't know why I was thinking of operating systems that time but just thinking about it, it would be cool to sit on a Windows window while eating a silver Apple apple. And wearing some schmancy clothes like a classy Madame. The Tux doll (representing Linux) & that random alien (representing Alienware, still not sure about the color scheme) could probably be that I haven't tried Linux or Alienware yet. The transparent PNG version. Without the night sky it looks a bit empty. But hey, transparency is cool. Here's the third version. It looks quite unlikely to be presented but I thought of making a dripping effect (though I doubt it'll look good)

Animation: Myoo Rockin' the Studio

Myoo Rockin\' the Studio Started out as bits of crappy sketch animation made in Flash but continued everything using Toon Boom Studio with the help of Illustrator & Photoshop as usual. And a bit of iMovie & Premiere Pro for the sequencing. It's Myoo89 featured here btw, and she digs purple, black cats & the Union Jack, thus the guitar & the whole settings. For some reason I like how the purple dark tones & yellow highlights blend in so well in here (IMHO purple & yellow never compliment each other... until now). Kinda funny, Myoo in here looks sorta like a female version of the leadsinger of Snow Patrol in their "This Isn't Everything You Are" since he's also wearing a striped shirt & having curly hair. But not rockin' a U-Jack guitar! Heheh. The song used in here is Hey Monday's "Hurricane Streets". In the beginning I wanted to use "To The Sky" by Owl City cuz, let's face it, the concept of th