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App Mock-Up: Tumbloup

Inspired by Twitku (which isn't an app at all, it's a website that shows one's Twitter & Jaiku streams and lets them update from the same tab at once), but since Jaiku's now dead, the site doesn't have much use anymore. Introducing Tumbloup, an app that lets you post to both and Tumblr at the same time (because that's what I always do. I open both sites and update them all at once manually). Sure there's apps like IFTTT who has a lot more social network choices to post a content to in one go, and the popularity of Tumblr is on the same level as Blogger and Wordpress, so an app like this is better off sharing to those three blogging sites instead. BUT, I'm designing this just for the hell of it, and because they're both tumblelogs that lets people repost/reblog other people's content.  *cough also because I ship these two websites as BFFS cough* Another name suggestion is Spilld, suggested by airhead_jeff , because "if your

The Bull (parody of The Fishes)

A shower thought turned into a comic. Previously after coming across The Fishes again, I realized that back in 2004 this comic series got me thinking that Pisceans are fragile, sensitive, and bubbly (just because the theme of this comic is sweet fuzzy romance) and that kinda left me with a temporary soft spot for them, but as I got to college I realized that this WASN'T the case. I met quite a lot of rad-ass Pisceans who are tough as alloys (like  this particular whimsy one  whom I like to hang out with). Perhaps it's just the stereotypes people give to zodiacs. Now I'm not into starsigns & personalities and I'm probably incorrect, but according to the order of zodiac signs, Pisces is the last one so they assume they're like the baby sibling and needs protection (maybe that's why Ben Wong picked this starsign as the comic's theme but I'm not sure exactly), whereas Aries and Taurus being the top two first ones, act like the rebellious tough