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For when your inferiority complex kicks in

This year, I've started to take steps to become less bitter towards more successful & "lucky" friends & start congratulating them instead of begrudging them, which my friends have told me to like AGES ago, cuz I'm one bitter dingus. Though I haven't changed my mindset completely but maybe these tiny reminders might be a little help for when we all have those moments.

Collecting Alternatives

[ originally posted on my personal blog ] Back in April I decided to use the unused company Instagram account I managed back in Brunei, cuz I assumed the company's dead, cuz the other admins never touched it. Started posting artworks there, met new people, yada yada. Tbh I was surprised, some people I knew through Instagram thought I was obsessed with online bike cab services (ojol) like, always comparing Gojek, Grab & Uber (RIP) and later Anterin & GlaD, to the point of making comics about them. I thought... "that wasn't me at all, I thought i've always been known for my bands & cartoons fan comics". During the first years of "internet recognition" i was known for my fanart & fancomics of emo & alternative rock bands (if you know me from deviantart or high school). I thought the impression would last but turns out in the later years, nobody still knew who i was. Just another My Chem pic, 2008 farewell


I'm really digging this DrawThisInYourStyle meme on Instagram & probably Tumblr too. It gives us a chance to interpret another artist's drawing(s) in our own way(s). We all would wanna see how our art looks when someone else draws it, plus as a copycat who's used to redrawing people's stuff with my own twist this gives me an excuse to redraw their OCs with ZERO guilt :D 1.  SarahWilliaIllustration  original  |  mine 2. Siirezzii  original  |  mine 3. AynChilada  origina l |  mine 4. Sevichka31