Sunday, 27 May 2012

My very first comic EVER!

Once again digging through my collection of old artworks (not-so-narcissistically) and found this old gem. It's back when I was 7 & started doing comics for the first time.

The comic's titled "Little Green Fairies" and it was completely in Indonesian, cuz I don't speak English much at that age. But no prob folks, translation will be provided.

Here's the back page, actually. The character's names are based on my sister & cousin (though my cousin's actual name is Nisya. I didn't know how to spell her name right yet back then). This comic was born in January 1999.

in: "Having Fun"
1. One day, the Little Green Fairies are having a picnic at their grandma & grandpa's house.
Nisya: Delicious!
Alta: Yummy!

2. And then the two walked back home. How joyful.
Nisya: Let's go home
Alta: Oh, how fun.

3. While they were having fun, they were making milk, getting the cookies and watching TV.

4. They were called in by Rara. Dita gave them a camera. Little green fairy Nisya was confused where the present was was but Alta told her where it wass.
[Okay this part is cut off so I'm just assuming what goes on in the description]
Rara & Dita (carrying a camera and their present): Here's to both of you
Nisya: Where?
Alta: There it is!

5. The green fairies then opened it.

6. "Wow, a paper miniature house!" Nisya said. "The paper is ironed first," added Alta. Nisya nodded.
....seriously? The story was THAT lame? The comic should be renamed "Getting a Present" or "The Daily Life of the Little Green Fairies" or something like that. But nevertheless these fairies seemed like they had fun having a picnic & then watching TV afterwards while dunking cookies in milk. Doesn't everyone do that?

And I'm just keeping this here as evidence. Or when I someday might be using this idea and remake the story.

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