Thursday, 27 June 2013

Glass, jelly, cream and (minus the) sprinkles.

A continuation of this revamp. This other picture is also done in 2011. Before the cups picture to be precise.

I'm using Blender this time because for the last 3D revamp I use Cinema4D. But still, I have no idea how to perfectly model the cream on top in Blender so I used Cinema4D to model them and the sprinkles. I exported said files as .3ds files but sadly the sprinkles don't turn out well when imported in Blender, so I had to ditch them. And for some reason I forgot to do the spoon.

They're staring to look pretty awesome. I love how the glasses look here, despite being a bid jagged on the inside eventhough I've already used the sub-surf modifier. Also, I tried making the patterns on the straw but they turned out distorted. Moving on to the environment. Lots of yellow and curtains. Not forgetting the ceiling fans.



Loving the shadows on the last bit.

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