Monday, 19 May 2014


Old idea from an old comic from 2010... decided to animate it now cuz finally I've got no job anymore (it's sad I know) and have plenty of time to do some animation & bring some of my comic ideas to life.

The idea here is a very surreal animation with fireflies, leaves & other nature stuff getting in action. Once the title card is shown it'll make the cueless watchers realize that everything suddenly clicks. It's a tampon commercial (and a very WTF one).

Also, someone should make this thing for real in the future. Imagine a jelly-like tampon (non edible though) that absorbs blood like a normally-functioning tampon, but will have the texture, feel and smell of jelly. It'll be flexible as hell when plopping in & plopping back out if it's done absorbing blood. Convenient (also perfect for making your friends freak out).

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