Monday, 13 August 2018

Collecting Alternatives

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Back in April I decided to use the unused company Instagram account I managed back in Brunei, cuz I assumed the company's dead, cuz the other admins never touched it. Started posting artworks there, met new people, yada yada.
Tbh I was surprised, some people I knew through Instagram thought I was obsessed with online bike cab services (ojol) like, always comparing Gojek, Grab & Uber (RIP) and later Anterin & GlaD, to the point of making comics about them.

I thought... "that wasn't me at all, I thought i've always been known for my bands & cartoons fan comics". During the first years of "internet recognition" i was known for my fanart & fancomics of emo & alternative rock bands (if you know me from deviantart or high school). I thought the impression would last but turns out in the later years, nobody still knew who i was.

Just another My Chem pic, 2008

farewell, 2013

In a second I realized this feels the same as when friends in college thought I was obsessed with graphic tablets. Back when my Wacom Graphire's pen broke and I had to buy a new one, I was browsing a lot of reviews on sites like Amazon, Goodreads, QQestore & even deviantART forums and discovered a LOT of other brands besides Wacom like Genius, Hanvon, Kanvus etc. and more importantly, the quality & current prices at that time. All that info, comparison & reviews from others motivated me to draw personifications of the tablets I've used around that time, and even comics around them.

"Buying A Pen Tablet" when my 3 friends convinced me on what pen tablet to buy after my Graphire 4 broke.

There's a similarity between all these so-called obsessions. So, y'all who just knew me or have been friends with me for a while & bear with my annoyingness, lemme tell ya that...

My real obsession...
is actually... *drumroll*
Finding alternatives for certain brands, apps, or whatever, comparing them & sometimes making comics around them.
It was like this too when I found Twitter alternatives back in 2009, there was Jaiku,, & some others which I havent tried so I only tried Jaiku & eventually Qaiku in 2012, when most Twitter clones died out that time.

Adocu, Twitter & Jaiku owls. 2011.

Peer Pressure and Websites, 2011

Pros & Cons of being a Souper & a Tumblrite, 2013

It was like this too when everyone was on Formspring asking each other questions, and I found out about, which became my Formspring alternative until it died and showed up. [Now Formspring died & became the most popular Q&A app with Curiouscat & Tellonym as alternatives].

chibi & 2011.

I drew personifications for these sites, & comics about them interacting with each other & discussing their pros & cons, cuz that's just how I roll.
Collecting & comparing alternatives is what pushed me to make this mini-series Those Damn Computer Programs, and the webcomic Web Cubecakes. Tbh I wanted to continue them but never got the time yet.
And to answer your question on WHY online bike cabs, of all things.
Just like how I indulged myself with pen tablets back in college, there's a reason why I did the same with online bike cab services. Back when I worked in Brunei there aren't any of these, and traffic has always been easy. Now that I'm back in Indonesia traffic is way more difficult but these guys (and gals) on motorbikes were sorta the solution to quick transport. Also they're a new concept, eventhough bike cabs have been around for years, but ride-hailing apps are still a new thing. It makes me feel less restrained cuz previously I've always been stuck at home unable to meet up with friends. Today with the help of online ojeks & trains I'm practically able to go anywhere & meet my friends here.

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