#DrawThsInYourStyle part 2 + Under Strawberry Vanilla Skies revamp

Under Strawberry Vanilla Skies (originally posted in my revamp blog)

2010-2011 were the years where I'm all about tasting songs and seeing their colors, blame my buddy Reisha and binge-listening to Owl City. The title suggested that it's inspired from his songs but part of me thinks that I just felt like drawing bright red hair because of Soup.io? I was pretty proud being on Soup while everyone else was on Tumblr that time.

Revamp in 2019:

Original artwork in 2011:

It kinda looks like the girl grew up too since the last time I drew her. Like, she's still a teenager in the original piece & in the revamp she's a full fledged woman. Is it because of the eyes? It's the eyes, isn't it?

The idea for this revamp's also inspired/based/taken from Anouki_Morgenstern's piece

Draw This In Your Style pt2

Onehourlate's OC (she held a contest this one, though I didnt win)

Watermelon Girl #1

DTIYS for Kleahvii [OG]

And there's Shuli-Chan's celebratory DTIYS [OG]

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⚠️DEADLINE UPDATED! READ BELOW!⚠️ Here it is finally my own #drawthisinyourstyle to celebrate that I reached 200 followers!!! ✨ I am so thankful to you all that I have not enough words to thank you!!! ヾ(。>﹏<。)ノ゙✧*。 Hope you enjoy!!! And I'd be so grateful if you could share this! Comment a 🐈 if you'll be joining! . ⚠️RULES (PLEASE READ!!!): 💮 Draw this OC called Lily (or Lilipad) in your own style! No tracing, copying, stealing, etc. 💮 Post your drawing along with the first slide of this post as your second slide! 💮 On your post, tag me (@shuli.chan) and also use this hashtag #shulichan200_DTIYS ✨ 💮 You can change the pose, make a close-up, anything you like as long as it's recognisable and looks like the same character! I'm leaving the base color reference and the Pastel Girl version, so SWIPE to see them if you need! 💮 You can add the cats or pins that are on the Pastel Girl image if you want (≧▽≦) 💮 I will share all of your drawings in my stories! ヽ(^o^)丿 💮 DEADLINE for prizes is the 4TH OF MAY, but I will keep sharing your entries indefinitely! . Prizes: 🐈 1st place - Digital full body drawing of your choice + shoutout 🐈 2nd place - Digital bust up drawing of your choice + shoutout 🐈 3rd place - Digital chibi face of your choice + shoutout . #dtiys #art #drawing #kawaii #neko #girl #artistsoninstagram #artwork #cute #pastelgirlchallenge #pastelgirl #pastel #anime #illustration #drawthisinyourstylechallenge
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