Thursday, 22 March 2012

Emo Le Gardenie: versions

Continuing my Le Gardenie fan art last time, here's one other that I seemed to have forgotten a few years ago. Just redrawn it, as explained on my Revamps Blog:
The style is sort of inspired by artworks of a certain clothing like (whose name I can't remember) I saw in a magazine, the same magazine that featured this comic series. I was fascinated with the style, mainly the wings & the dripping effect, & one day decided to try drawing it out.
So I'm just using the entry for dumping out the different versions I come up with, cuz I just can't decide which one looks the best.

Here are the JPEG versions on white & grey backgrounds respectively. Just trying to compare which one looks better on a shirt.

Here are the PNG versions, the first one with the lineart stroked white & the second one without.

Le Gardenie (c) Ben Wong & Gempakstarz

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