Friday, 24 August 2012

Animation: Seafruit

I was gonna do an experimental animation one day, using Toon Boom Studio & After Effects. After I watched the animated music video for Secret by Luka Megurine (which I guess was animated using Anime Studio or some sort) I felt like doing something like that too, but using the softwares I know, even if it means combining all of them. Unfortunately I was loaded with university assignments & projects that time so this experiment had to back away for a bit. And after I got done with a few other animations, I finally had time to do this one.

The character up there is one of my characters Seattle. I picked her cuz she's awesomely bluegreen & seemingly had to do something with anything aqua, the sea, Fall Out Boy & Owl City. And suddenly I remembered a seafruit, some kind of fruit I made up in one of my stories. With that added in with Seattle and this experimental project, and a slight reference to those two bands, this could be a music video. Sadly the instruments I have don't quite match my music genre, so I made a simple song with the help of GarageBand. And that's about it.

Perhaps one day I'll make another animation with these shellflowers too... but NAAAH.

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