Saturday, 27 October 2012

Seafruit & Grasslightning pefrume bottles design

So out of the blue, I decided to design some perfume bottles (cuz I've looked up pictures of perfumes lately for no reason)

Like I said in the deviantART description, these are based from my two OCs Seattle & Lightninggrass. Grasslightning is just Lightninggrass's name swapped, and Seafruit is from the animation I did which featured Seattle and an albatross.

Seafruit's bottle kinda reminds me of those DKNY Be Delicious series, since usually they're based off of food scents, and seafruit is a fruit, so. It's pearshaped like the seafruit in the animation, smooth & rounded.
In contrast, I designed Grasslightning's bottle to have spikes & blades and stuff, because of the stereotypical grass & lightning shapes. The bottle color is electric yellow with an added electric green semicoat, probably made out of plastic or rubber, or a mixture of both to get that transparent-translucent texture. The color scheme and the "lid" reminds me of Lady Loki for some reason.

Scentwise, I have no idea on how these two are gonna smell like, if someone ever made these for real. I've got guesses though; Seafruit will be a combination of oceanic & fruity smells, somewhat sweet & soothing, and Grasslightning will have a citrusy, shocking & edgy smell.

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