Tuesday, 4 November 2014

App Mock-up: if Twitku was an app

As mentioned in my Tumbloup mock-up post it was inspired by the idea of Twitku merging 2 competing social networks in one app. Now I'm starting to think about what if Jaiku's still alive today & what if they develop a smartphone app for Twitku.

As of now, Twitku looks like this.
Since Jaiku died & Twitter pretty much evolved I think the plugins failed & the site is currently abandoned.

Before I proceed may I just give credit to the creator of Twitku, Dougworld (he moved to SeriouslyTrivial now though).

I'm kinda too lazy to redesign the login page so it's kinda similar to the Tumbloup one. Maybe I'll think of a few redesigns later.

Home screen for both streams.
I love the teal color cuz it's sort of a midway between the twitter blue & jaiku green.

Posting a new status gives out options to attach photos and locations for both sites, but the emoticon/mood button only works for Jaiku (unless they've got options for Whatsapp-styled emoticons to put on Twitter tweets… seriously I still don't know how they put emojis on tweets), and the option to post the update to either one or both of the microblogging sites.


Moving on to @ mentions. First, taking a look at the Twitter mentions.

And then the Jaiku mentions/comments cuz in there we're allowed to make comments & discussion strings on a status update.

They're pretty much the same except for the response options. As usual you can attach pictures in both but in Twitter there's the retweet & favorite options, and in Jaiku there's the icons option.
(Wait… tbh I forgot whether you can post icons when commenting on someone's status update or not)

Direct messages~ the Twitter-only feature in here, so now the tab takes over the width of the screen. It's pretty much like all the other phone chat apps, keeping everything private and text-y.

Oh man I forgot to add the image option in the DM feature. We can send images too.

The settings is pretty much straightforward

I tried basing the options from the actual Twitku settings.

Lastly if you go to someone's profile, it's just gonna display a few tabs before loading their tweets or Jaiku updates, or a list of followers or users whom they follow.

Disclaimer: I made this app mock-up for fun & not planning to make it real. But if anyone's interested in the design and want to develop a possible app, mail me & we can talk about it.

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