Redrawing outfits from my old comics

Although I'm not really into fashion, sometimes I like to draw outfits & dresses occasionally for fun, and seeing that I made some weird, weird outfits back in the early 2000s (in MRMF comics and an older series, Rara & Majiidah comics), they might just be weird enough to actually be made into a runway clothing line. Well some of them are still normal & wearable though but never mind.

I know the characters in the comics are tween girls who haven't hit puberty yet (basically 9-11yo kids) but for some reason I wanna see if these clothes would fit teenagers & young adults too so the models are drawn as teens/twenteens.

Some outfits have two versions so I'm just gonna draw both versions of a type with the same model.

Lol. Totally loving the heart crotch pants & the mermaid dress. The former looks so wrong it's like, what was I thinking when I drew the heart shape on the pants back then?

Lol the orange & green fairy outfits are basically just underwear with plastic wings & skirts.

This set's outfits were designed in 2004, and they were supposed to be this clothing line released by MRMF (I was thinking of a photoshoot kinda thing back then).
The themes were :
  1. Flamin Hot, 
  2. Floral Fresh, 
  3. Icy Cool, and 
  4. Underground.

Not sure why I called them those names.

Lol ok, the grey+red outfit is totally emo. And the outfit next to it could be used as pajamas.
The outfits in this set was designed in 2005, and in that year I seem to have a thing for fruits, especially lemons, cherries & blueberries. Also the thing with the tights, though, but this time Converse chucks are prominent.

Initially, the clothes' designs are inspired by clothes worn by the kids in Digimon, Pokemon and all those 90's cartoons (mostly Digimon, thus the super TIGHT tights), but as the series progresses the clothes I design become more "wearable" and seem to have lost their weird quirky touch…. maybe cuz I got into emo fashion due to pop-punk bandoms, with the looser-fitting pants, the striped sleeves & socks and applying more black.


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