Leaves Can't Be Flowers: Campur Aduk

WARNING: This isn't an actual game. This is a mock-up. Creators of Mitchiri Neko, please don't sue me

So I’m addicted to this game Mitchiri Neko Mix 2 (thanks to myoo89) and cuz I was bored, I decided to fake screenshots of another version of this game but instead of cute little colorful cats, I featured my Leaves Can’t Be Flowers characters instead. Because I can.

As you can see the looks are heavily based on MNM2 instead of MNM1 (cuz I only have the 2nd game on the tablet). Oh and ‘campur aduk’ literally means ‘mix stir’ in Indonesian. So… mix & stir away.

[For those who don't know how Mitchiri Neko Mix (1 & 2) generally works, it is pretty much straightforward cuz all you gotta do is breed and mix, mix and breed. Once in a while a sub-species will show up, and breed 10 each of two different species to get a new species.]

I started off with Blume since she's the first one on the chart.

And then I moved on to Folla, and in here a new sub-species pops up.

And then Fuego and Mayim followed after.

Now, for the mixing part. Definitely a 50-50 chance but soon enough we got to find out which ones are compatible for mixing and which ones aren't.
Here I mixed aqua Folla & blue Fuego to get Mayim

And over here, I mixed pink Blume & red Fuego and got nothing

Oh and here's the collection chart with all the sub-species (currently there's only 8 characters. I'll make more eventually).

I did more "screenshots" of LCBF Campur Aduk here, while dumping all the Mitchiri Neko Mix 2 (which I'm currently playing) screenshots here.


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